Preparing for Portugal & Spain

Our May 2017 Tour of Portugal and Spain is really shaping up. We’ve made contact with the Ford Company of Portugal as well as a Spanish Model A club, and it looks like we’ll have an opportunity to join some local car enthusiasts.   That will be exciting!

In preparation for the tour, we’ve gathered our tools and spare parts and fine-tuned the mechanical aspects of our cars.  Right now the cars are happily sailing across the Atlantic Ocean, three cars per sea container.  Three are coming from New Jersey, three from Florida, and six from California.  They will all arrive in Lisbon before we do where they will wait for us at a nearby warehouse.

The tour officially starts on May 3rd in Sintra, Portugal, not too far from Lisbon.  We’ll meet at 7 pm in the garden of our hotel, get to know each other, and enjoy light snacks, soup, sandwiches and refreshments.

The first order of business on May 4th is to pick up the cars from the warehouse and then our wonderful itinerary can begin!