On Saturday, September 9th, the Model A’s travelled down the “Golden Chain Highway” to Placerville, CA via Auburn. Along the way they had a chance to see sites as the Bernhard Museum Complex.

Built in 1851 as the Traveler’s Rest Hotel, the Bernhard House has been welcoming visitors for over 150 years. Filled with artifacts and furnishings from a bygone era, the Bernhard House transports visitors to a simpler time. Check out the volunteer docents in era clothes.

Unique lights grace this historic Victorian home in Auburn. They were designed to burn oil or use electricity. And there’s a “wag” clock, too.

Another sight the group liked was the Placer County Museum & Courthouse.

The historically appointed courtroom is still being used to this day. Tim__6959 small

The Museum occupies the first floor of Auburn’s historic Courthouse.  It presents an overview of Placer County history from the early Nisenan inhabitants through the latter half of the 20th century. It also includes the Placer County Gold collection: Tim_IMG_6961 small

Checking out Auburn’s Old Town with a walking tour, people saw the Old Firehouse No. 1, built in 1888.

The firehouse is now on the National Register of Historic Places. For decades, volunteers rushed to the station and then headed out in vehicles like the above.

The Auburn Post Office was interesting.

The group also travelled through old towns such as Georgetown, Cool and Pilot Hill.

Seems like it took the group all day to get to Placerville, which was actually a very short drive!

Photo credits:  Hohman, Hulstrom, Murdoch, Shawl, and Sissons.

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