Day 8 – Winner to Vermillion

Today the South Dakota Tour Group heads to Vermillion. As we drive towards the S/E corner of the State we plan to stop at “JoDeans”, the home of the 50 foot buffet. No one went away hungry. Afterwards we all headed to the Gavin’s Point Dam and the Lewis & Clark Visitors center. Afterwards, we headed to the Holiday Inn for a good nights rest.

Today’s distance? About 173 miles.

(By guest blogger John Hulstrom)

Model As in Parking Lot

The group in the parking lot at the visitors center.

JoDeans Sign

A closeup of a Model A with the JoDeans sign in the background.

Muffler Problem

John and Ken work to resolve John’s muffler problem.

Lewis and clark

After crossing the Gaivn’s Point Dam, the group visited the Lewis and Clark Visitors Center

Fields through the glass

Fields and fields of corn soy beans, milo, and sunflowers.

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