The Model A Touring Club left our hotel in West Allis, Wisconsin, this morning to take a ‘Steel Toe Tour” of the Harley-Davidson Factory in Menomonee Falls, WI. Our MATC tour group got split into 4 smaller groups for  an up-close view of the assembly lines, powder coating, and machining.

And, Harley-Davidson was serious about the steel toes:

Here are professional group photos of each of our groups

Everyone headed off for lunch on our own.  We stopped at Ally’s Bistro and met the manager Natalie.  Besides yummy food, we had an interesting conversation with Natalie, whose grandfather passed away exactly one year prior.

IMG_5372Natalie remembers grandfather having a 1927 Chevy (I believe) which would be the same vintage as our cars.   We took her for a ride, and she was really excited.  Also, she said that her grandfather lived in one of the little towns that Eisenhower came through, and he and his high school band played for Eisenhower.

After lunch, we had a pleasant drive along a country road drive and a fun stop in Hustisford, WI, at a Mercantile and Mike’s Hardware across the street.

It was late, but we finally arrived at the Great Wolf Lodge in Baraboo, WI.  The Krills shared dinner photos from town:

Our little group grabbed a quick meal in the hotel and took a brief look around.

Tomorrow, we have cheese and circus stuff on the itinerary.



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