We Reach Lake Superior

Today’s drive northward took us along scenic highways and we saw more color and we drove toward Ashland, WI.

Great Lakes Ashland WI

It was drizzly today, but we stopped at Copper Falls for a pleasant hike through this Wisconsin State Park.

No, there are no copper mines here.  The Bad River leading to Copper Falls gets its copper color from tannin, not copper deposits.  Tannin is a natural dye that results when tamarack, white cedar and other trees decay in northern bogs.

When we reached Ashland, which is on the southern shore of Lake Superior, we were delighted by many murals.

Here are “cheese head” photos from the Clausens:

There’s never a dull moment on  a Model A Tour!

2 thoughts on “We Reach Lake Superior

  1. My grandparents were from a little town south of Copper Falls called Glidden .
    This is where my dad grew up and i spent many summers . Copper Falls was a beautiful place to visit . Did you kids climb the fire lookout ? That wasn’t easy even when i was a kid .


    • We saw Glidden on the map but didn’t make it there. Beautiful countryside! No, we did NOT climb the fire lookout. 🙂


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