So Many Sights, So Little Time in Portugal

May 4:

We’ve had a couple of long touring days, as you will see, so I’ll try to catch up now. Here are some pix taken by the Jensens and Terri Padgett at the warehouse yesterday, when we picked up our cars, and our first gasoline purchase:

We all had spare time to tour Sintra in the afternoon of May 4th, but there were so many sights, we couldn’t see everything.

Here are photos of the Pena Palace taken by the Dickinsons and the Jensens:

Here is a photo of Quinta da Regaleira taken by the Barrys:

3_May4_KB_Quinta_IMG_2158 small

Here are photos of the National Palace of Queluz taken by Pam Martens and Terri Padgett:

Whew!  And that was just in an afternoon and there were plenty of sights the group didn’t have time to see!

May 5th was our first driving day.  It was rainy, but we had a fun day. Every car managed to get lost before reaching our hotel in Figuera Da Foz.

Here are some photos taken by Jay Burbank of Cascais, which is the western-most point of Europe:

We had a group dinner that night and shared our various travel experiences of the day.

May 6th was a shorter drive, starting in Figuera Da Foz and finishing in Porto. Here are a couple of pix in the Fig. da Foz area taken by the Griesses:

Here’s a photo taken by the Griesses on the way to Aveiro, as well as one of the canals in Aveiro:

Here are photos taken by Martens, Padgett, the Barrys and Burbank on the way to Praia de Mira and at the beach town:

In Porto we took a wrong turn and look where we ended up! (Photo credit: Martens)

May6_PM_Porto_20170506_195814 small