Along the Douro River

In Porto, Portugal, several local Model A/vintage car enthusiasts greeted us. One of members had a broken motor mount and the locals found a place to weld a part for him on our first day there. Then, because one of our members was having possible electrical issues, they arranged to have us all drive to one of their car collection/garages for viewing and repair.

It was our first parade through a town… They led us and we all followed like good little ducklings! The people in the neighborhoods loved us.

After presenting thank you mementos to the garage owner family, they led us out of town and to a lunch on the Douro River.

Next, we drove through beautiful countryside in the Douro Valley to Lamego, our final destination in Portugal. We stayed at an ancestral home of a wonderful woman. It felt like we were staying in a royal home.

So sorry I haven’t had many photos of our wonderful Model A’s, but I promise some in the next post.

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