Model A Spanish Spectacular

Our second day in Zaragoza, Spain, was so full that I’m going to have to split into at least two parts! Part one:

In the morning of May 20th, our Spanish car club friends met us at our hotel with a police escort and led us to the Plaza del Pilar for a public exhibition on the square, consisting of cars from both clubs.

While the adoring public admired our cars, we took an open-top bus tour of the city.

And after we got off the bus, we grabbed some more shots of the square, the cathedral and the basilica. And, we had some coffee with our Spanish friends.

We have a bunch of individual photos of all the people with their cars but I’ll post those separately. Then, in the evening we gathered for a fantastic dinner and Flamenco spectacular at the Casa de Andalucía Restaurant.

Some of us dressed up:

We were all there – quite an impressive gathering:

And we loved the performers!

Since this was our final dinner together, there were presentations one club to another, and we celebrated a special birthday of one of our US participants. We had two excellent interpreters so everyone knew what was happening!

Photo credits Burbank and Padgett.

3 thoughts on “Model A Spanish Spectacular

  1. WOW, what an amazing trip. Looks like all the hard work to put this trip together was well worth it!!


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