Fond Goodbyes to Zaragoza

All good things eventually come to an end… Our Spanish car enthusiast friends picked us up at our hotel in Zaragoza and led us out of town to Villafranca de Ebro, very close to the Ebro River.

We stopped in a small square and the police closed the entrance road once we were all parked inside. Again, our cars were more or less on display, and we all enjoyed the storks above us.

We finally came inside to enjoy coffee and Spanish eggs. If you’ll notice the shot below, our beloved “Dino” has found a permanent home here in Spain! He had been passed among our group – sometimes he was awarded for a breakdown, once for leaving passports at the previous hotel, sometimes for an outstanding job somewhere on the tour. Each time, the participants signed him. This final presentation was to Chema for the amazing weekend he and the Association Aragonesa Vehiculos Historicos club members provided all of us.

May 21_TP_IMG_5615 small1

Next, we said our goodbyes and headed for our final destination: Barcelona. It was one of our longest mileage days, and we didn’t take the time for many photographs. However, when we reached the Mediterranean, we stopped at a viewpoint and enjoyed the scenery.

Once we reached our Barcelona hotel, the “boys” had a little time to talk about the good times on the tour.

May 21_TP_IMG_5626 small3

Photo credits: Burbank and Padgett.

4 thoughts on “Fond Goodbyes to Zaragoza

    • Zaragoza is an amazing city. It’s a big city with crowded streets and lots of traffic, so we didn’t drive much in our old Fords, unless we had a police escort. It’s definitely worth seeing, but I think it might be a lot to see in just a day trip. Hope you enjoy your Spanish adventures!


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