Hasta Luego, Amigos

On May 22nd, our first task in Barcelona was to deliver our trusty Model A’s to the warehouse for preparation to ship home. Now, all of a sudden, we became just ordinary tourists.   We coped by taking a 6-hour city tour:

The next day, some of us had to leave for home (or for extended vacation destinations). Many of us spent an extra day (or two or more) here in Barcelona to enjoy the city sights. For example, here’s Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia:

And Gaudi’s landscaped gardens at Park Guell:

Barcelona is a very cosmopolitan big city with wonderful public transportation, fun shopping, great museums and an assortment of sights.

Finally, Christopher Columbus showed us the way back to the States.

So, our three-week tour of Portugal and Spain came to an end. I would count the tour as a success because we had no major breakdowns, no accidents, no illnesses, and a lot of fun. Many of us will gather for future Model A adventures, and we’ll all have some great memories. Hasta luego, amigos!

Photo credits: Burbank, Glendinning, and Padgett.

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