The MATC Gold Rush Tour of Nevada and California officially starts tonight, Tuesday, Sept. 5th, with a welcome dinner at the Nugget Hotel in Sparks, Nevada.

Some participants are trailering their Model A Fords to this starting point, but those of you who know Jay realize that he’s driving… through record heat!   I opted to stay home this tour, and my seat is being capably filled by fire-fighter, friend and blog photographer, Tim Murdoch.

Here’s our “farewell” breakfast photo at a newly redone restaurant in Cambria, CA, on Sunday, Sept. 3.


Left to right: Jay, me, Terri Padgett (who also opted to stay home in this heat), and Tim Murdoch, all in front of “Maxie”, a 1931 slant window town sedan.

On the road:IMG_6463


Yes, they packed their gold pans! GoldMiner

Can hardly wait for the welcome dinner.  Woo HOO!  On the road again!

8 thoughts on “GOING FOR THE GOLD!

  1. I know they made it to Gardnerville without melting. Enjoyed a short visit with Jay. Thanks for including me in a group gathering creekside. Nice to meet everyone. Lovely cool evening and a beautiful sunset.

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  2. Great picture. They will likely experience a lot of smoke from fires in Nevada County. If they are headed to Coloma they’ll be about 15mi from our house in Rescue, however I’m in NJ. Wishing them safe travels 🚗🚗

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