What Will a Model A’er Do to Get to the Start of a Tour?

The answer is… Almost anything!  Model A people are persistent… They’ll drive through 115 degree heat in smoky California…IMG_6460Then they’ll drive over mountain passes…

(That’s Donner Pass and Spooner Summit)

They’ll make new friends in a gas station… IMG_6622

This man (didn’t get his name) was a professional musician who wrote a song about a ’29 Ford.  Someone liked the song so much that he gave him the red truck below!


But the whole group made it to Sparks, Nevada, in time for the meet and greet:  A fine halibut dinner and all the dessert they could handle.


And here are the cars all lined up and ready to go.

Hulstrom Sept. 5_cropped

More fun starting in the morning!

Photo credits: Murdoch & Hulstrom

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