Twain Country…

Everywhere our cars go, crowds gather… Here is an example when we checked in at our hotel in Sonora, CA, on the 14th.1_7263 small

Today is what could be called a “lazy” day (for a Model A tour, that is), in that there were no specific commitments until dinnertime. However, with so many interesting sights nearby, the group split up and tried to see everything.

First a look at Angels Camp Museum in Angels Camp.

Next, check out Columbia State Park.  History, yes…Also a little time for shopping!

Ironstone Vineyards was much more than a vineyard:

And, here’s the Krautz specimen of crystalline gold, weighing 44 pounds:

Then it was time to head for the picturesque California Gold Rush town of Murphy’s in Calaveras County. (No one mentioned checking out Mark Twain’s famous jumping frogs…)

Our scheduled dinner was in the Mark Twain Ballroom at Murphy’s Historic Hotel. In continuous operation since 1856, Murphy’s Hotel is a quaint and charming piece of yesterday in the heart of downtown.

Other near-by sights for which I have no photos are the Calaveras Big Trees, Moaning and Mercer Caverns, and the Mark Twain Cabin in Tuttletown.

Photo credits: Krill, Murdoch, Shawl and Sissons.

2 thoughts on “Twain Country…

  1. How great is that trip! Raised in Calaveras county, it was like a visit home! Thanks so much for an awesome trip back ” home”. Very well done! Great photos.

    Casey Bockoven
    Sister of Paul Hohman

    Liked by 1 person

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