Today Included an Historic Bar and Monsterous Caverns

The first stop today was Mokelumne Hill, CA. The town takes its name from the neighboring Mokelumne River, which in turn is Miwok for the “people of Mokel,” the likely name of an Indian village in the area.

The Hotel Léger is one of the oldest hotels still operating in California.

George Léger, a Frenchman who came during the California Gold Rush, opened his Hotel de France in 1851, as a wood-framed tent. In 1866, Léger bought the old court building next door and incorporated it into his hotel. After restoration following a fire in 1874, the hotel became known as the Hotel Léger.

The Krills explain that the Léger is “…the longest continuously running Hotel Saloon in California. The stained glass is from an old Victorian home in San Francisco with the address 1851, which is also the date the Hotel Ledger opened for business.”  Here are images of the bar:

After touring the hotel, the group started toward California Caverns. But, as Tim explains, “…after the hotel tour we turned down a side street and found a gentleman watering his pumpkin patch. He had three ginormous pumpkins he was growing for a local competition. He estimated one to be around 1100 lbs. He said another one was over 2600 lbs.”

The group also found an old fire engine in desperate need of restoration.

Other sights around Moke:

And, when they stopped to let cars pass, they saw this plaque.  Just in the middle of nowhere. 6_7206 small

Finally, they made it to the California Caverns in Mountain Ranch. From the Parking lot to the ticket office…

The Krills were singing, “Hi Ho, Hi Ho…  It’s off to work we go…”  But, it was worth the walk to the cave entrance:

Next, the Hulstroms found this iron stove at Angels Camp Museum in Angels Camp.8_3892 small

Here are people on their way to their hotel in Sonora:

Historic downtown Sonora included dinner at Mi Pueblo:10_190743 small

Photo credits: Bennett, Hulstrom, Krill, Matty, McBride, Murdoch, and Sissons.


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