On The Road Again

Today is a driving day. The group travelled along the California “Golden Chain Highway” (aka Highway 49) from Sonora to Oakhurst.

There were quite a few sights to see. First, leaving Sonora, Paul Hohman documented that even the “oldtimers” in Sonora have their phones in use!

1_074651 small

A main stop for most of the group was Coulterville. The Jeffery Hotel there has been condemned by the state of California, and the vines growing on the sidewalk outside have wrapped themselves around the supporting pillars & broken them off.

There is a sign next door for the Magnolia Saloon.  However, it may have been relocated, as the close up seems to show a different location.  Check out the “bat wing” doors on the entrance to the Saloon.  They are very rare…only a few saloons still have them. It is said to be the oldest working saloon in California.

An historical plaque explains the history of the hotel, but the photo is difficult to read, so I quote,

“Built originally in the late 1840’s to serve the Mexican community as a cantina and fandango hall, the succeeding Jeffery Hotel has been warmly praised in the memoirs of the 49ers and travelers.  The Hotel is among the oldest owned and operated by one family in the state of California.  The … third generation host is Edward Sackett, husband of the late Violet Thompson Sackett, daughter of Sarah Jeffery Thompson.”

Even closed, the Hotel still made a good backdrop for photos:

The Peace Garden on the main street through Coulterville displays a bark house like we saw four days ago in Grinding Rock State Historical Park.  And, even though the population of Coulterville is only 150, the group located at least one good antique store in town, and refreshments.

From Coulterville, the cars went up and over the hill to Mariposa.  Check out the switchbacks:

Here are some views in Mariposa:

Later, some people stopped at the California State Mining Museum.  Looks like Alan liked it!

6a_0294 small

The final stop of the day before our hotel was Ducey’s in Bass Lake, which is about half an hour’s drive south of Yosemite’s south entrance.

The group gathered there for dinner:

And Brad Richter, President of our Model A Touring Club, joined the group for dinner.

Brad is in his fourth year of club presidency, so we figure he’s earned the plaque above!

Photo credits:  Bennett, Hohman, Hulstrom, Krill and Sissons.

2 thoughts on “On The Road Again

    • Thanks, Pie. I’ve enjoyed riding with them too. There are still a few more photos to come as they make their ways back to Sparks, NV; to home; or to places as yet unknown!


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