Heading Home (or ???)

Our hotel on Sunday night was in Oakhust, CA. This was the southernmost point of the official tour and the last time almost everyone was together.

Cars scattered in many directions today! Some seemed anxious to head home; the cars from the LA basin left the group in the morning and are already home.

The “official” tour continued as the cars retraced their route back up Highway 49 (the Golden Chain Highway) back to Jackson for Monday night (and then on to Sparks, NV, for Tuesday night). They checked out the things they missed on the way south.

Photos above, left to right:

  1. Cars heading up the Golden Chain Highway.

  2. This is the only structure remaining of Butte City, which was once a prosperous mining town of the 1850s.  The building was constructed by an Italian stone mason in 1857.

  3. Passing Mark Twain’s cabin.

Above photos, left to right:

  1. The Altaville Grammer Schoolhouse is believed to be the oldest surviving schoolhouse in California. A one-room schoolhouse, it was originally in Altavilla; now it’s part of Angels Camp.

  2. Built in 1852 of local schist rock and adobe, this sturdy two story structure is all that remains of the mining camp of Albany Flat, located just south of Angels Camp. Likely used as a business and home, various publications have described it as a store or fandango hall.

Another part of the “official” tour continuing to Jackson tonight first wandered through Yosemite. Dale led Alan & Gil into Yosemite and up Hwy. 120.

As you can see, it was a smoky day.  However, Gil included older shots so you can see what it should have looked like!  There have been nasty fires and they saw stumps burning right by the road!

Gil says, “We felt bad for the mass of visitors who came to see this beautiful valley, only to find it smoke-filled — especially visitors from overseas!!! And there were many.”

The final car with Jay and Tim headed off, taking a circuitous route, to visit a sick friend in Las Vegas.  They also went through Yosemite first:

It should be noted…. all these cars, regardless of their paths, traveled safely — guided by expert co-pilots!

Photo credits: Hulstrom, Murdoch and Sissons.

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