More Pacific Northwest Tour Videos

The photo you see is from the fabulous drive along the beach in Seaside, Oregon that was part of the Pacific Northwest tour on May 14. It is one of thousands of pictures taken on the tour from both tour participants and onlookers. Our Model A’s and the backdrop of the amazing Washington and Oregon scenery have been like popular movie stars since the tour began on May 9. Fellow drivers and folks in the assorted communities all marvel at the sight of our 90+ year old vehicles and we all love the attention.

I sit in the passenger seat of our red 1929 coupe and have a front row seat for all the sights. A few years ago, we purchased a GoPro camera with the vision of capturing tour images as videos. This, along with my iPhone has kept me busy capturing the best of what we have seen. We purchased windshield mounts for these devices to help with the chore. As a result, I have hundreds of videos that can be shared with anyone interested in our modern-day home movies. Thanks to some video editing software and YouTube, I am able to share them with you now.

For best results, watch these videos with your volume up on your tablet or computer. They still look good on a phone, but will look best on a larger screen. The videos are grouped on YouTube by tour. The link for the PNW tour playlist is shown below. There are currently 11 videos in this playlist. The photos and videos are either from our footage, or from contributors who sent me the images, or posted on the tour’s Cluster photo sharing app.

Here are the most recent videos.

On May 14, 2022, the Clatsop County Son’s Of Beaches 4×4 Motorsports Club escorted our group down Oregon’s Seaside beach. This video shows us with our awesome A’s driving down this beautiful beach. I was able to find the perfect background music for this video from a 1960’s band called the First Class. Their song titled Surfer Queen references riding down a silver beach.

On May 10, 2022, we were invited to a private visit to the beautiful grounds of Fort Casey and its lighthouse. Video shows footage of this special day with our Model A’s and fellow Model A enthusiasts from the area. The background music is from Willie Nelson. It is titled “Bring Me Sunshine” from his “One Hell of a Ride” album.

After our visit to Fort Casey, we took the ferry from Coupeville to Port Townsend Washington. Here’s a quick video showing our ride.

Video shows our beautiful drive from Port Angeles to Quinault Washington on May 11. We stopped off at the Forks Timber Museum along the way. While in Forks, it poured and we pulled off the road to discuss lunch options with the Johnsons and Campbell/Hamilton, our fun traveling companions. We found a safe, but unique parking space for the 3 cars. See if you can spot our great photo op. We hope it will give you chuckle. The background music is “I’m a Believer” from the Monkees.

This one is a series of video clips showing Model A’s driving along the roads and bridges in Washington and Oregon. You will see the beautiful landscapes from Whidbey Island in Washington all the way down to the Crater Lake region in Oregon. I took advantage of the time-lapse camera setting for several of the clips in this quick-moving video that uses “Thanks God I’m a Country Boy” sung by Jason Owen for the background music. Warning. The fast moving images may make you a bit dizzy. It is by far my favorite. I hope you enjoy it as much as I had putting it together.

On May 12, we stayed at the Lake Quinault Lodge in Washington’s Olympic National Rainforest. This beautiful spot gave our Model A’s a bit of rest as the rain fell hard throughout the day. If you love the sound of falling rain, you’ll want to raise the volume. There is no background music.

Check out other video postings from this tour.

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