Model A’s Arrive in Coupeville

The charming Whidbey Island community of Coupeville has become even more charming in the last 24 hours thanks to the arrival of the 15 Model A’s participating in the Pacific Northwest tour which begins tonight with the welcome dinner. We wrote previously about the group of 4 Model A’s and our rescue vehicle traveling from California. The group made it safely to Coupeville yesterday afternoon. Our bucket list adventure proved to be a lot of fun. We saw a lot of rain, traffic, and jaw-dropping scenery along the way and are excited to share more of what we saw with you via 2 new videos. The first is a record of our trip from SeaTac to Coupeville yesterday. The 2nd is a montage showing the rain that we experienced while we drove through Oregon and Washington. Stay tuned for more videos in the coming weeks as we progress on our tour. Meanwhile, Pat Burbank will be providing photos and tour specifics.

MATC Pre-tour group drive from SeaTac to Coupeville. Click to watch video.
Montage showing rain while driving Model A’s through Oregon and Washington.

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