Pacific Northwest Tour Memories

The Pacific Northwest states of Washington and Oregon were amazing hosts for the 12 Model A’s that participated in MATC’s latest tour May 9 to 26. The 15 days of touring provided beauty, interest, and adventure for 24 ambitious travelers.

The tour began and ended in the quaint community of Coupeville which sits on Washington’s Whidbey island on the Puget Sound. Thanks to the exceptional efforts from our tour leaders, each day was met with a different landscape to enjoy and another scenic road to navigate. The numerous sites along the way included forests, beaches, rivers, lakes, waterfalls, volcanos, bridges, tunnels, ferries, museums, and the vast Pacific Ocean.

PNW weather added interest and adventure to the trip. There was sunshine, rain, wind, snow, and even a blizzard. The Model A’s and talented drivers were up for each challenge and each challenge provided a lasting memory.

Model A’s Parked in Washington state’s Fort Casey on Whidbey Island

We asked the participants to share tour memories. Here are a few.

From TP
1925 Restored House called the ‘Terraluna Inn where we were all treated to a BBQ dinner on the patio In Roseburg Oregon.

From RJ
Being in the lead traveling over the mountains in a terrible snow storm and unable to see through the windshield due to the wipers freezing up then having to drive with my head out of the window for about 4 miles we came up on a Dairy Queen with a Blizzard sign in the window. Couldn’t resist!”

From JW
Crater Lake was one of my favorite stops. The lodge parking lots were filled with snow and there was no place to park until J made arrangements to have a parking lot cleared for our A’s. Here are some pictures of the professionals clearing the snow and Jay lending a hand with a shovel in his shorts and Birkenstock sandals.

From PT
All the scenery on the tour was spectacular but T and I like the air museum in Hood River the best. My personal favorite picture though is this one.

From MK
Alpine horn played for us as we enjoyed our breakfasts at the Enzian Hotel in the Bavarian town, Leavenworth.

From DS
We brought the game Mexican Train for the few times we had a little “extra” time. The tour was so well planned that there wasn’t much “ex-tra time.” Linda surprised everyone by going out on the first round! For someone who had never played the game before, she had us all in shock!

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