From Yakima to Leavenworth

On May 23rd, we left Yakima, WA:  first stop was a group tour of the Central Washington Agricultural Museum.  There had been some TV and newspaper publicity about our arrival, so we were met by a crowd of people curious about our cars.  Then we were taken on a tractor-drawn tour of the museum’s outdoor space.

Next, we had a pleasant drive to Leavenworth in spite of the fact that we had been told our preferred model A route was closed for the day for a bicycle ride. When some of us double checked in person, the sheriffs let us go through the pass, rather than route us on the highway.

We spent two nights in Leavenworth, enjoying the Bavarian scene – we were even serenaded by an alpen horn! Most of us arrived in town too late to personally witness the chainsaw carving demonstrations, but we saw the results the following day.

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