Pacific Northwest Tour Videos

Model A’s Rest at Rest Stop between Cottage Grove and Eugene

The 4 Model A’s caravanning from California to Washington traveled from Roseburg, OR to Wilsonville, OR today in route to Coupeville where the Pacific Northwest tour will begin on Monday.

The scenery here in Oregon is spectacular thanks to the constant rain, drizzle, mist, and sunshine that we have experienced while passing through Oregon. The Model A’s look fabulous in this beautiful environment. Since it is impossible to describe the beauty, we thought we’d share some videos that we took along the way.

Highlights from our drive from Roseburg to Wilsonville.
Photos and footage from our drive from Dunsmuir, CA to Roseburg, OR.

We will be posting videos on YouTube throughout the tour. To access the videos, look for the “Like Model A Videos?” link in the right column on the homepage, or click the link below.

We are looking forward to the official beginning of the tour on Monday. Jay and Pat Burbank have done a wonderful job planning the tour. A giant thank you to the dynamic duo who also planned our pre-tour caravan. They planned a few surprises along the way for those of us traveling with them. Today they arranged to stop to see a giant collection of vintage tools owned by their friend who lives outside of Eugene.

Here are some pics from today’s stop.

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