On the Road Again…

Yay!  We’re at it again!  Jay and I just left Cambria Tuesday morning to head toward our Pacific Northwest Tour whIch starts in Coupeville, WA.  Terri Padgett is with us (her passenger Sally will join us Saturday night at SeaTac), and trouble trailer Tim Murdoch has already assumed his position at the back of our little group.  Along the way, we will pick up a couple more Model A’s and the rest of the cars will meet us in Coupeville.

We will be a relatively small tour group, and with the exception of our Canadian club president Bob Krause and wife Marilynn, we are a group of Californians – southern, central and northern.  Some of us have toured together before and some are first timers with the Model A Touring Club.  We’re looking forward to new friendships and beautiful scenery.

Looks like club webmaster Janet Webb will share blogging duties with me, but there are no official tour activities until our Welcome Dinner on Monday night, May 9th.  Watch for tour news after that date.

One thought on “On the Road Again…

  1. Have fun, just enough break-downs to keep the men happy and lots of interesting sites for the bloggers to talk about. Always love to participate via the club newsletter. Thanks Pat, Janet, Terri, et al.


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