From Coupeville to Lake Quinault, WA

The MATC Pacific Northwest Tour officially started on May 9th with a group dinner at Ciao Restaurant in Coupeville, WA. Views of the cars in the parking lot:

Tuesday, May 10th, we started with an early morning tour of Fort Casey and the lighthouse in Coupeville. The USS Nimitz departed as we watched from the Fort.

After a short ferry ride, we landed in Port Townsend and visited Bergstrom’s Antique and Classic Car Emporium.

Then we continued to our hotel in Port Angeles and the mechanics had a quick session!

About half way on Wednesday’s route, we visited the Timber Museum in Forks.  

Then the rain got more insistent as we reached Lake Quinault and our hotel in the middle of the National Forest.  The hotel is beautiful in a very peaceful setting. We had good food for dinner, caught a brief view of Sasquatch then spent our day off on Thursday doing car repairs and visiting the Quinault laundromat in the rain.

Tomorrow we’ll enter Oregon. Not sure if the rain will continue to follow us. It IS, after all, the Pacific Northwest!

4 thoughts on “From Coupeville to Lake Quinault, WA

  1. Thank you again for your stop in Port Angeles, I truly hope your visit at the Olympic Lodge by Ayres was everything you were looking for!
    Thank you for your stories and sharing your vehicles, rich in history with us. My Dad, who I brought by to add his name to your vehicle, is still talking about it! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I look forward to reading about your next adventure!
    Safe Travels to you and your Club!


  2. Great coverage Pat! I like the detail and history tid bits.

    By the way, I just found out my family is coming from Templeton with my trailer and a few more things. They are to arrive sometime on Friday so I won’t be able to head up to Seaside as planned to check out the cars :(. I will need to uppack some more.

    Let me know if the group stops in Tillamook, for example at the Creamery – I am 5 minutes from the Creamery. It is supposed to be raining or at least showers (light rain) on Saturday. Give me a time if the cars want to come here. There will be a few big rigs in the yard but most likely enough room to turn around. The drive on the narrow roads and dairy country is quite picturesque although I imagine that is typical of most of the scenery for the group so far. It is clear with a beautiful sunset at present.

    I am so fascinated by the old car adventure. Sounds like I need to visit the emporium in Port Townsend, eh?

    all my best M J


  3. Hey. You guys. So wish we were with you. I will be picking up the grandkids this afternoon with the coupe so they can ride in the rumble seat. Good seeing Bob and Marylyn on the gun. Keep having fun. Rick & Lori.

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