Crater Lake to Bend to Madras

The highway circumnavigating Crater Lake was closed due to snow, so our views of the lake were limited as were our route options for Tuesday, May 17th.  Sand Creek turned out to offer a good gas stop as well as space for the mechanics to gather again:

One highlight of the day was the High Desert Museum which tells the stories of the area’s diverse people and places.  Indoor and outdoor exhibits highlight the ways people have drawn on the High Desert’s resources and shaped the region over time.  There were a few vehicles on display such as this one:

And exhibits of beautifully sculpted animals alternated with live animal specimens:

Our hotel enjoyed the Model A’s and grabbed a publicity photo of Terri’s red Radio Flyer:

On Wednesday we left Bend and headed toward Madras.  Stopped at Sisters, but were unable to take the preferred route, due to snow.  We ate lunch and checked out the local antique and quilt/yarn stores.

Made a quick stop at Smith Rock:

Then we visited New Basin Distillery in Madras for a tour and explanation of the distillery process – including tasting.  

Dinner with live music followed.

Then to our hotel, the Inn at Cross Keys Station in Madras.

Next time, we’ll visit an amazing aircraft collection and work our way to Hood River.

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