Roseburg to Crater Lake

May 16th we left Roseburg to head to Crater Lake – and saw many beautiful sights along the way.  One of the first was Colliding Rivers ion Glide, on  Hwy. 128:

Toketee Falls was a big hit for us; the wooden culvert had significant leaks which provided entertainment in the parking lot:

Then there was a pretty good hike down to view the falls:

Next, Diamond Lake proved to be a good lunch stop:

Here are a couple of shots of the Rogue River Gorge, where GALLONS of water from the whole river squeeze through a gorge that is as narrow as 25 feet in places.  Powerful!

Finally, we reached our Lodge.  There had been another significant snow storm just a day or two before our arrival, so the Lodge’s parking lot was a mess! Beautiful area, though:

The night was topped off with a blood moon:

Next time, we’ll take you to Bend.  Come join us!

2 thoughts on “Roseburg to Crater Lake

  1. Loving your posts! Keep them coming! Beautiful day in Pasadena. We are sitting in the backyard on our lawn swing with our doggie! Hi to all! 💜 Carolyn and the old boy

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