Day 3 Deadwood to Hill City

Today we checked out of the Holiday Inn Express in Spearfish and headed to Deadwood. Our meeting time was 9 am at the Visitor Center parking lot. It was a good day to start early because it was a bit hot today. Deadwood welcomed us and arranged a fun Poker Run.

Deadwood has a wild old west history and was the home to legendary characters such as Wild Bill Hickok and Clamity Jane.  Deadwood continues the old west tradition with saloons and gambling halls.

After visiting Deadwood, we headed to Hill City where we will spend 3 nights. The drive to Hill City was beautiful. To mix things up, we’re including some videos with this post. Here you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty of South Dakota.

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A Drive from Spearfish to Deadwood.


Scenes from our day in Deadwood


A trail of Model A’s. This no-frills video was made with a GoPro attached to the window of a Model A trailing about 7 other A’s traveling from Deadwood to Hill City.




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