Day 4 – Mount Rushmore

With 3 days behind us, we got in our Model A’s and drove a short distance from Hill City to the iconic Mount Rushmore National Monument.  The goal was to start early for a photo shoot with the monument in the background.  We’ll show the actual photo in a future post, but for now check out the video we made showing the fun we had.

After adoring the view from the upper deck of the parking garage, we spent the morning enjoying the rest of the park.  Many of us returned in the evening for the after dark ceremony which included the lighting of the monument and a tribute to veterans.

During the day we got to enjoy the numerous attractions nearby including the 1880 train and the Presidential Wax Museum.

Headlight and Rushmore

John Hulstrom captured a closeup of his Model A with Mount Rushmore as a backdrop.

Gay and Janet

Larry Snuttjer couldn’t resist taking this picture of Janet Miller and her travel partner Gay Conklin.

Mount Rushmore after dark

Mount Rushmore lit up at night

A drive back to the hotel at night

A drive home after seeing the Mount Rushmore evening program.

Train Ride

Some folks went on a train ride.

National Presidential Wax Museum Picture

Some folks found presidents not on the monument at the National Presidential Wax Museum in Keystone.

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