Day 5 Crazy Horse Memorial and Needles Highway

Today we saw another impressive monument and participated in another fun group photograph at the Crazy Horse Memorial. When completed, the memorial will depict the Oglala Lakota warrior, Crazy Horse, riding a horse and pointing into the distance. It is operated by the Crazy Horse Memorial Foundation, a nonprofit organization. Work began in 1948. The memorial includes a museum and Native American educational and cultural center.

After visiting the memorial, we were on our own to enjoy more of the area. The drive back to the hotel included a 14 mile scenic drive along Needles Highway where we enjoyed hairpin turns, narrow tunnels, and granite peaks. Here is video that shows this amazing drive.

Here are some photographs from today’s activities.

Crazy Horse Group Picture

Model A’s and tour-goers are carefully arranged by Crazy Horse photographer Katie Hunzeker.

3 wheels

Model A’s lined up for the Crazy Horse photo shoot.

Photographer Taking Picture

Odell and Dorothy Overgaard patiently pose for the group picture while the photographer lines up the shot on a ladder.

Needles Highway Rock Structures

Oh wow. The scenery gets better and better as we travel Needles Highway.

Model A's Resting

Larry Snuttjer captures this line of Model A’s that stopped to enjoy the views along Needles Highway.

Needles Highway GPS

This shot of a map from a GPS shows one of the easier twists and turns along the Needles Highway.

Buffalo Grazine

Judy Hulstrom captured this picture of a buffalo grazing.

Ttwilight Rainbow

After another perfect day of touring, we enjoy a cloud burst and then a rainbow as twilight begins. This was the scene from the parking lot of our hotel in Hill City.

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