Day 6 – Custer State Park to Hot Springs

We got a glimpse of Custer State Park yesterday. Today (September 9), we got to explore it further. It was a short drive from our hotel in Hill City. Before officially entering the park, we took several twists and turns along the scenic drive to the park. Like yesterday, we saw some inspiring scenery and traveled through picturesque tunnels.  A view of Mount Rushmore greeted us at the other side of one of the tunnels.

After entering Custer State Park, we stopped at the visitors center where we learned about the park. Specifically, we learned about the bison,  big horn sheep, pronghorn, and burros that live in the park. We saw all of these animals as we cruised along the wildlife loop.

Other activities today included Wind Cave, Mammoth Dig Site, a Wild Horse Sanctuary, and the Evans Plunge hot springs.

Tunnel Entrance

John Hulstron takes this photo before entering the tunnel. A view of Mount Rushmore is seen on the other side.

Group Pose Rushmore

MATC tour-goers pose at a Mount Rushmore overlook.

Custer State Park Antelope

Fields full of Proghorn are easily seen from the road along the wildlife loop at Custer State Park

Begging Burros

A pair of Burros walk towards the Swanson’s sport coupe.

Buffalo Fields

A field of bison enjoy the sunny afternoon at Custer State Park.

Model A's Moving

A line of Model A’s travel along the twisty roads of Custer State Park.

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