Four Model A’s Traveling to South Dakota by Transport

Driving inside

Four Model A’s were loaded on a big rig vehicle transport carrier this week and are in route to South Dakota for the the MATC tour next week.

The well-equipped truck started in Southern California on Tuesday where it loaded Janet Miller’s Pickup and the McBride’s Town Sedan. On to Fresno to pick up Brad Richter’s Sedan and to spend the night. The next morning it headed to the Sacramento area for its final stop to pick up the Webb’s coupe.

Loading the vehicles was not without a bit of difficulty, but with some thought and creativity, everything turned out in the end.

The Model A’s will be safely stored in a facility in Rapid City where they will be picked up and driven to the tour’s starting point in Spearfish.

Measuring the Model A

Randy and the Driver measure the coupe before loading.

A Peek at he upper level

Looking up to the top level of the rig, we see Brad’s Sedan.


A Ferrari on the bottom deck is sharing the ride with the 4 A’s.

A view from the back

This picture shows the two levels from the back of the truck.

Ready to Go

A view of the loaded rig parked along the residential street.

3 thoughts on “Four Model A’s Traveling to South Dakota by Transport

  1. Hey everyone. Lori just published day one of Jensen’s and Jorgensen’s getting loaded and o our way to Spearfish. Go to (

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  2. That was Janet that took the pictures and posted them. Just talked to the rowdy members from the central coast and Visalia and they are just rolling into Las Vegas on I15 on their way to Spearfish.


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