Day 11 Watertown to Mitchell

On day 11 we traveled south from Watertown to Mitchell. The distance was approximately 136 miles. The morning was a bit overcast and we experienced some light rain in the morning. Our path took us through quaint communities with lakes, ponds, farms, and plenty of nice people.

Rainy Windshield

A bit on rain on the windshield for the morning drive.

Country Lakes

Country Lakes are seen throughout the quaint communities on the drive from Watertown to Mitchell.

Some of the group made a slight detour to visit the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home and Museum to enjoy nostalgia from The Little House on the Prairie along the way. There are so many little gems such as this throughout the area.

McCall's Model A Parked in front of Museum

Charming picture of the Museum house with Model A Parked in front.

Gary Classroom

Gary McCall takes a seat in a Little House on the Prairie Classroom.

Ingals Home and Museum

A stop to tour the Laura Ingalls Wilder Home & Museum.

We reached Mitchell in time for a quick lunch before our scheduled 1:30 tour at the Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop, a family owned business that specializes in the construction and restoration of authentic horse drawn vehicles. Stagecoaches, chuck wagons, carriages, buggies, sleighs and touring coaches are some examples of their craftsmanship.

After the tour, the group headed to the Corn Palace to explore this one of a kind destination.

Artisan Demonstrates Technique

Technique demonstration at the Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop.

Wagons Parked

Museum pieces at Wagon Shop

Budweiser Wagon

A Budweiser Wagon made at the Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop

Hanson Wagon Wheel Shop Sign

Model A’s Parked in Hansen Wheel & Wagon Shop in Letcher, SD.

Sometimes breakdowns happen. John Hulstrom’s A had transmission issues. Our trouble truck & trailer rescuer Jim Cunningham drove it to the hotel on a trailer where John with some help was able to resolve the issue and was back on the road.

Repair Truck Delivery

Model A on a trailer in Model Parking Lot.


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