Day 12 Mitchell to Wall

Today was a travel day.  There was quite a distance from Mitchell to our next destination of Wall, and the weather forecast predicted a hot day. We expected boring. Not so. Instead of heat, we got fog.  And instead of dull, we got delightful. The country roads in the light fog are perfect for Model A driving.  Our 90 year old cars enjoyed the path and didn’t mind slowing down on a few occasions for the xx-large farm equipment that clogged the road.

One of the special stops was the Chamberlain rest stop where you could get up close to the famed 59 foot high Dignity statue that depicts an Indigenous woman in Plains-style dress receiving a star quilt. The locals were heart broken because the amazing view of the Missouri river that sits behind the statue was dimmed due to cloud cover.  The rest of us were not disappointed.  We got to see another impressive massive South Dakota sculpture, and it was lovely with or without the view behind.

After Chamberlain, we crossed the Missouri River. Some of the group stopped for pie at Al’s Oasis. Others continued to the town of Murdo to have lunch and visit the Pioneer Auto Museum before continuing to to the town of Wall. Wall is famous for Wall Drug, which advertises ambitiously on billboards. It is another one-of-a-kind South Dakota destination not to be missed.

Driving in Fog

Model A’s driving in the fog.

Country Road Hill

Due to farm equipment delays, many of the Model A’s ended up together as seen on this hill.

Dignity Statue

Tour-goers taking pictures of the Dignity Statue.


Kathy Glendinning and Lori Jensen wave hello as a group passes Model A’s stopped for a roadside seminar.

Dirt in front

The Matty’s eye-lashed headlights highlight the dirt caused by the fog, dust, and farm equipment.

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