Detroit vs Nashville…

Today is October 9 and Jay and I are still in Nashville for our daughter’s birthday. But the tour group has a BUSY day.  First stop is the Picquette Plant facility, the original ford factory built in 1904 and the birthplace of the Model T.  After the tour, they had a box lunch at the facility.

Next stop was the Ford Rouge Plant to view the assembly line of the aluminum F-150 pick-up. They walked the catwalks above the line to view the production from a bare chassis to driving out the other end with six gallons in the tank. (No photos were allowed in the plant.)

The final stop was to tour the Edsel and Eleanor Ford home..

The group had a pizza party in the lobby for dinner.

Here are the day’s highlights from the Hulstroms:

In the meantime, we were celebrating Adina’s birthday in Nashville.

We’ll rejoin the tour group in the morning,

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