Turkeys, Cars, and… OOPS

Today, October 10th, Jay and I attempt to rejoin the tour group.  Since we were flying into Detroit too late to make the first stop, the Hulstroms document Cornwell’s Turkey Farm.  This is not only a turkey  farm where they raise turkeys it’s also an all-turkey restaurant. (Photos by Hulstrom.)

After the turkeys, the group visited Philip and Mark Eyre’s private collection of Model As, Model Ts and a Model N. (More photos by Hulstrom,)

Terry, Sally and Cammie had waited for us in Dearborn and we thought we would be able to see the car collection, and here we are leaving the Detroit area.


But…MAJOR oil leak from Terri’s rear main (?)…resulting in oil on the clutch…which made shifting very difficult.

After some road attention, we limped the rest of the way from Dearborn westward to Battle Creek, Michigan.

Great Lakes Dearborn Battle Creek

Tomorrow, we’ll head to Gilmore, which is a fantastic Model A museum and other era artifacts.



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