First Full Day in Detroit Area

Jay and I are leaving the tour for a couple of days to celebrate our daughter’s birthday in Nashville, so the group is reporting highlights of these couple of days in the Detroit area for the blog. (Most of the shots below are by Terri Padgett.)

We said goodbye to the group as they boarded their tour bus and all the Model As stayed at the hotel for the day.

After the bus left, this is what Jay did while we waited for our plane to take us to Nashville:


Meanwhile, the tour visited the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation.  The tour took them into the original lab where Thomas Edison had his lightbulb moment.

They spent the afternoon outside at Greenfield Village and had lunch was on our own at one of the several period restaurants on the property.

On the way back to the hotel, they visited the gravesite of Henry and Clara Ford and the bus took them to St. Claire Shores, MI, to tour the Edsel and Eleanor Ford home.

Here are some of the Hulstrom’ highlights:

More tours on the docket for tomorrow…

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