COVID-19 Route 66 Update

Hello, Model A’ers!

Just checking in to let you know the status of our upcoming Rte. 66 Tour: At this point, it’s still on!

Our tour registrations came to an abrupt halt as COVID-19 began to seriously impact our lives. We have 10 cars signed up, and the hotels we have contracted with for the tour have indicated that they are willing to work with us to make it possible to proceed, even if no one else signs up.

We are all hopeful that things will calm down by late September. We certainly don’t expect anyone new to sign up until things are calmer, but we can hope things will get better soon enough for additional participants to sign up. If not, we plan to proceed with 10 cars as long as it is safe to do so at that point in the year.

Feel free to call/e-mail if you have any questions.

Stay safe and stay healthy!

Pat and Jay

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Route 66 Update

  1. Sending tons of positive wishes for all of you that this works out and that you have continued positive health and safety! Hugs, P


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