Current Route 66 Tour Status

As our local, state and federal governments plan to lessen or remove the current quarantine rules, we are also reviewing tour plans. In order for the Route 66 Tour to proceed on schedule, we think the following are minimum requirements:

  • The US/Canada border must be open as two of our registered participants are Canadian.
  • The interstate borders need to be open.
  • All of the eight Rte. 66 states (and affected counties) need to be open to tourism.
    The transport company needs to be ready to roll with us.

We are optimistic that these conditions will be met, but we will delay making a final determination about the tour schedule until July. Things are still fluid, so we appreciate your patience.


2 thoughts on “Current Route 66 Tour Status

  1. Hope you plan to stop in Shamrock, Texas….last stop before OK…..famous old Conoco gas station there…..right on ole’ Route 66!


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