Spanish Wine, Cheese and Model As

On the road from Zamora to Tordesillas, Spain, we stopped for a winery tour near the town of Toro. Here are some photos. (I couldn’t resist a shot of the barrel as well as the box, which shows you the part of Spain we were visiting.)

An interesting aspect of the winery was all the art in the tasting room. They were having an international art contest to choose the label for the new wine harvest. This year’s contestants were lined up on the floor, and last years contestants were on the wall.  Here Jay shows you last year’s winner along with the bottle carrying its image:

May13_TP_IMG_5025 small1

And there was a little special family time:

20170513-_10I0541 small1

Next came a tour of a cheese museum, also near Toro.

After wine and cheese, some of us visited the small town of Toro.

Our destination for the night was Tordesillas, where we walked the town and returned for a group dinner.

The last two photos indicate the contrast of ancient beauty and current, local humor.  (It’s a manhole cover with decorated surrounding!)

Photo credits: Burbank, Jensen, Martens and Padgett.

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